Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RING: the Musical

The National Caricaturist Network just started holding monthly caricature contests in which artists must finish a piece according to the instructions given at the beginning of the month. This month's contest had to involve the Lord of the Rings characters in a musical setting. Some people came up with ideas where the Lord of the Rings cast was performing a 70s musical review (Frodo as Annie, Gandalf as the Fiddler on the roof, Gimli in CATS, etc.) I thought about the musical RENT, which is a modern-day musical about AIDS and homosexuality.

For my piece, I mimicked the movie poster for RENT, using each character from the musical and coming up with a good Lord of the Rings counterpart.

Here's the painting:

and Here's the movie poster:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland)

This is one of the first finished photoshop caricatures I've done.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jesus' Photo Album

My dad is a pastor at a small town church in Texas. For his latest sermon series, out of the book of John, he asked me to depict five scenarios (one not shown here) that would indicate different key moments in Jesus' life. He gave me the titles and the descriptions, and I gave him the illustrations. I tried to make Jesus look much different than we might expect him to look; instead of being calm, sedate, and looking up with blue eyes to his Father in heaven, I wanted him to always be looking in the camera, and to look extremely Jewish. In the one scenario not shown, entitled "Nic at Night," I even had Jesus accidentally closing his eyes for the picture.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Elephant Studies

These are months old, but recently scanned and primped in photoshop. Medium: Watercolor, pen and ink.

The Columbus Zoo is amazing, and getting much more amazing by the year. It's Jack Hanna's official home zoo, and it apparently has one of the world-famous gorilla exhibits. I spent many a monday afternoon there during my CCAD illustration classes, drawing and painting from life. These elephant sketches, however, are post-graduation.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tam O'Shanter

While I was in High School in New Braunfels, Texas, I made program covers for my band's concert performances. One particular song that the band played was called Tam O'Shanter.

The music was all right, but the story is what intrigued me. Tam O'Shanter was a drunk who, upon leaving a tavern on his horse, wandered accidentally into a forest where a witch coven was performing some secret rituals. Fearing for his life, Tam O'Shanter rode as quickly as he could away from the witches. I did the best I could capturing this moment for the NBHS band program cover, but I was inspired to recreate a color sketch of this scene today.

Easton Sketches

Easton is a wonderland of shopping, eating, and attempting to feel beautiful. You don't have to be rich to be there, but you feel like you need to spend money once you're there, so it's better if you are.

I can't wait until it gets warm enough for me to set up outside and capture more of the exteriors than what can be seen from inside Barnes and Noble.

April 3, 2006: 20 min.

April 10, 2006: 30 min.

This sketch I could actually go back into and paint to completion.

Early Sketches

This was my first attempt at a live digital color sketch. Location: Panera Bread on High Street, Columbus, Ohio. Time of completion: 15 min.

Next, an attempt at an original concept art piece, completely digitally drawn and painted, 15 min.

A view of Sarah's backyard from her living room. 30 min.

From Sketch to Screen: an Introduction.

I've been gifted with the desire to draw. Note that I do not claim to have a gift of "drawing," but the desire itself is the gift that God has given me. It's what separates those who quit after their first "bad" drawing day and those who strive to have better days. It's what keeps me drawing and will keep me drawing for the rest of my life.

My recent endeavors have led me to purchase a mobile computer and a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet, with which I am able to create artwork completely without the use of paper or artist's materials. Photoshop is a wonderful, limitless, and expansive program that has the capability of recreating to incredible precision every artist's tool imaginable. I learned to paint for the first time a few years ago, but the recent addition of Photoshop to my toolbox has re-ignited my passion for painting, and I have been re-learning it from the ground up... digitally.

This blog is meant to bring my friends and family into my creative world. I will be posting my recent sketches, whether digital or hand-drawn, personal or professional. Any and all criticism and comments are welcome. Any artist who gets only pats on the back will never get better.

Joey J