Friday, July 20, 2007

From June to July

It's been quite a shift in numbers since last month. The sales have finally picked up at Cedar Point, and it feels like it did a few years ago. Good times. But it leaves little time for good sketches.

However, I did manage to do these:

Jillian, my coworker, and her boyfriend (from photos):

Mark, Shannon, and Cassie, other coworkers:

Ryan, a coworker, and his friends from College of Creative Studies in Detroit:

It's only a few more weeks and the season is over. Hopefully there's a few more posts to come.


Michael said...

Great stuff as always!



Some of your images are overwriting your may want to look at the blog in a lower resolution. I suspect you are manually inserting your images rather than using blogger's upload feature, which you may want to reconsider, since it will allow your images to fit and people can "click to enlarge."


Mark M. said...

I didn't have that logo on my hat!

Jillianevelyn said...

first time seeing the one you did of ryan and his friends. turned out really awesome!
and of course i love the one you did of brent and I.

Aaron said...

A thumbs up is always a nice touch.